Why I Deleted FB, Twitter and Snapchat Off My Phone

April 20, 2018, 9:26 p.m.

I have recently made the decision to delete Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat off my phone. I came to the point where I am just sitting in bed on my phone, scrolling mindlessly through these apps to realize that they are taking too much of my time. An average Internet user spent 135 minutes daily on social media in 2017 - that's 2.2 hours daily. I am almost ashamed to say that on some (lazy) days, I spend that amount of time on my phone even before noon.

At first, I rationalized my actions by saying - well, I need to relieve some stress some how, and they help me keep up with my connections - friends, family, acquaintances. I came to the conclusion that: 1) Scrolling through FB does not really help me stay connected in any way; 2) There are more time-effect ways to stay connect if I really wanted to.

Snapchat, in particular, is a unique application in that it does a really good job of making their users feel the need to stay on the app and never delete it. Yes, I am talking about Snap's streak feature. The streak feature almost makes me feel obliged to go on the app daily to keep up the streak with my friends. I remember having a busy day and just jumping up from bed during the night because I had suddenly remembered that I did not send a snap to my friends that day.

And there are obviously other tactics that Facebook and Twitter uses to make us stay on the app for longer and more frequently (i.e. by removing chronological feeds). I feel so 'bound' to these apps and my phone.

I don't consider myself someone who is terribly addicted to technology, or social media, and I have deleted Facebook to focus on more important impending events in the past.

With that, I am really glad that I finally decided that I should not place social media so high on my priority list. Aside from deleting these apps, I also plan on utilizing my time more effectively.

Time to load my Kindle up with books!